Private Reiki Healing Sessions

Relax while the soothing rays of light cover you in a cocoon of healing energy. It will be your body doing the healing. The universal knowledge carried through. Your body will know how much to take, where to use it. Reiki can be used in combination with other healing modalities. Therefore, it’s a complementary treatment that can go hand in hand with treatments you are already receiving. This is your connection with the universal healing energy, made possible by the Reiki master who will be channeling the energy to your body through her hands while you lie fully clothed relaxing in the healing light. Reiki masters energy is more potent than a normal practitioner since to reach the master level one has to go through many hours of training and experience giving Reiki.

Next Steps…

A usual healing session is hour in duration. It is recommended that you do around three healing sessions. Please contact me for pricing.

The first session will consist of an initial consultation session and treatment of 90mins. The on going treatments will be 60mins each.

Distance healing, three successive treatments.Please contact me for pricing.

Contact me to arrange private healing sessions. Let’s connect