Reiki healing is one of the best gifts you can give your best friend. Our fur kids too love to receive a share of this beautiful universal light. In fact they are more attuned to the healing energy of Reiki that us humans. Therefore, they receive it fully and more effectively. Your little buddy cannot express in words what he or she wants. If you notice that they are in pain in addition to going to the vet you can give their furry bodies the chance to heal itself by giving a Reiki treatment. I have a dog of my own who loves reiki. I also have various other animals like birds coming near me to get their share of Reiki. 


This is Trishy, our beautiful 13 year old girl. She is the most loving, energetic, happy and kindest friend I have ever had. In 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. It was Tharanga who helped Trishy with  long distance Reiki. I know Trishy really felt better and her pain reduced after the sessions. Tharanga continued to send Reiki to Trishy through out her 10 month battle with cancer. 
So a heartfelt thank you Tharanga for making my girl happy again. She is no more in pain and smiling at us as she is chasing butterflies in doggie heaven.
– Ashantha

Animal Reiki healing sessions could last for half an hour, one hour or sometimes even 15 minutes. Pets usually need less Reiki than a human and will know when to walk away from a session. Be prepared for a short discussion about your pet before the session so that I can customise the treatment depending on their needs. Please contact me on 96406859 to book healing sessions for your fur kid.