I approached the session with some trepidation after hearing all the stories in the media about hypnotherapy. But it was nothing like what was described. I had full control over my thoughts and access to my inner being. The most fascinating aspect of it was the ability to recall in great detail conversations and long forgotten incidents as if they were happening in real time in my minds eye. It was a kaleidoscope of emotions and colours with a vivid movie playing in the background of my mind. I could recall smells and even tastes in great detail. The best part was my ability to let go of the parts of the movie that I didn’t like and replace it with happy and joyful harmony. What a wonderful experience.  Throughout the process I was able to trust my therapist Pooja and allow her to guide me and ground me. I think the depth of understanding shown by the practitioner and the ability to trust without reservations is key to a successful session. Pooja had it all. Thank you Pooja.